When people discuss home security, the first topic that comes to mind for most people is a burglar alarm. Many believe that this is the absolute be-all and end-all of home security. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure alarm systems are a key element to protecting your home from break and enter but there are many other things you can do to better protect where you live.

Many burglars know that a poorly secured window provides very easy access to your property. Therefore your windows should be a concern to you. If your windows slide up and down or side to side then they should be securely closed shut when you are not at home. A great idea to better secure these types of windows is to use a broken hockey stick or broom handle cut to size. Either lay the hockey stick or broom handle in the track that the window slides on if it slides side to side or, wedge it between the frame and the top of the closed window at the track on either or both sides of your window.

Keep in mind that any avenue given to someone who performs break and enters for a living will be taken. Burglars make a living out of opportunities presented. Give them less opportunity to enter your home.

Houses with poorly constructed windows tend to get broken into a lot more than those with secure and sturdy windows. When you are dealing with your windows, make sure that you have tempered glass and window locks fit properly to the windows. Before you leave your property you should make sure that all your windows and doors are securely locked. Even any hard to reach windows that could provide an avenue in should be checked before you leave.

Thieves earn a living out of stealing and given the slightest opportunity and they will find their way into your home.

Doors are another common entry point for thieves. The best door that you can have is a sold metal slab type but they are plain and not very decorative. If you want better protection sometimes you have to give up aesthetics to accomplish that end. If your door only has a handle lock on it then you are really inviting trouble into your home when you are away. Most burglars know that a pair of ViseGrips will usually make short order of handle locks. Better protect yourself by having a good quality deadbolt installed on your door by a professional.

In the event that you should ever lose your keys it is always helpful to have a spare key either with a trusted neighbour or a relative. It is never a good idea to hide a spare key under a rug or beneath a planter box because those are the first places that a professional thief will look to see if there is a hidden key to your home.

Many homeowners today invest in a home video surveillance system. Some systems that are integrated into your internet connection can be great for first hand monitoring of your home whenever you are away from home. If business has you frequently away from home then a video surveillance system could be the very best way for you to keep tabs on your property when your not able to be at home.

A guard dog can also offer great protection of home property from break and enter artists. Most burglars would rather not tangle with a mad dog and will likely leave your property to find greener pastures if they hear a dog barking. The only downside is that a guard dog will need to be trained. You will also have to be sure that they always have food and water.

Burglar alarms are very effective at scaring burglars away, especially if they are the type that are monitored and someone from the monitoring station can speak at the thief. Sometimes placing a sign outside on your property or affixed to several windows that your property is monitored may be enough to keep break-in artists at bay.

We will provide more tips to keep your house safe in some of our next blogs so please keep reading them.

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