Summer is once again approaching and we would like to share with you some travel suggestions to help keep you, your family and your home safe while you are travelling around this summer. With what we offer here we are hoping that you will take our sound advice and act upon it so that you can thoroughly enjoy your summer vacation without a care in the world.

On the home front be sure that you stop any and all newspaper delivery because you don't want them piling up at your doorstep while you are away because this would be a good indication that no one is at home or has been home for a while. A definite signal to a burglar.

You may want to leave a key with a relative, your neighbour or a trusted friend so that they can periodically pick your mail up from your mailbox and check on your property to help keep it safe.

If you have a burglar alarm system at your home, don't forget to set it when you are leaving. Make certain that anyone you give your keys to that will be keeping a watchful eye on your property is well versed in how to turn your alarm on and off. Make sure that they can be trusted to be vigilant in the process of keeping your burglar alarm armed when there is no one at the premises. You would be surprised at the number of homeowners that forget to arm their burglar alarm because of the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go away. It is usually not until they get close to their destination before they start asking themselves, "did I or did I not turn on the burglar alarm"? Remember, it can't protect your property if it isn't turned on.

While on the road and stopping off at places it is always a good idea to keep any items of value that you are travelling with out of sight. If the vehicle you are in has a trunk then this is the very best place to put those items. Don't invite crime by exposing what you value the most to theft. Remember that a vehicle window can be easily broken and items absconded with in less that 30 seconds. Don't expose yourself to this. When lodging somewhere be sure to remove items of high value from your vehicle and keep them with you in your room.

Before you go away, get in direct contact with the company that you have selected to provide your lodging and find out if there will be a wall safe in the room you will be staying in to protect those valuable items and cash while you enjoy your stay with them. Another good idea is to contact the local police and find out if there have been any recent rash of break and enters in either the building you will be staying in or the surrounding areas. If there have been then you may want to reconsider your stay at that location.

Contact your insurance company and find out if they will extend your insurance policy to include items that you have in your possession while on the road and on vacation.

When checking out the attractions of the local area you are staying at, carry only enough money or travellers checks to cover the activities of the day. Keep the rest locked up in the wall safe in your room.

We hope that you take heed of our advice and sincerely hope that your vacation is stress and worry free so you can really enjoy it.

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