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Locksmith & Other Services Provided To Toronto & The GTA
Apartment residents, we can install a second deadbolt on your apartment door for the added protection of your most cherished belongings and increased personal safety and security.

Lock Installation Tips
Feeling brave enough to install your own lock on an unprepared door?
Here we offer a step-by-step guide on how to install a key-in-knob lock. Our comprehensive instructions and tips offered will help get that lock installed in no time. We also include a complete list of tools you'll require to get the job done right. View Lock Installation Tips Article

The security of your property, be it your residence, business or vehicle is our main concern. We can provide professional solutions through our expert advice to meet and exceed all of your security related concerns.

A Perfect Pick Locksmiths Toronto can re-key most lock brand names including Schlage, Weiser, Yale, Kwikset, Dexter among others. We can also open and re-key locks for which there are no existing keys. If you have a high security lock like a Medico, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy, Schlage Primus etc, and you would like it re-keyed or have additional keys cut for it, you must contact the Locksmith or locksmithing firm that supplied the lock.

ABOUT: Kwikset & Weiser - Smart Key Type Locks (Smart Key = Dumb Lock)
A smart idea we're sure at it's inception but this design is not without it's faults. The ability to rekey your own lock may sound like a great idea, and it would be if the lockset were more reliable. If you are considering installing one of these locks on your door you should reconsider. In the past month alone we have responded to no less than 5 calls where the homeowner has been locked out by a Kwikset or Weiser Smart Key type deadbolt. We have found lately, that in a number of instances the lock has somehow mysteriously rekeyed itself leaving the property owner locked out of their own premises. Since these type of locks cannot be picked, the only option is to destroy the lock by drilling it off the door to gain entry.

Landlords, a Master Key System can help you eliminate that bulging pile of keys in your pocket, and in most instances you'll conveniently require only a single key. To accomplish this, all of your locks should be manufactured by the same company. We can save you money by supplying locks that correspond with the most common manufacturer you currently have on your doors in order to facilitate a Master Key System.

Assisting Landlords and Mortgage Brokers alike, A Perfect Pick Locksmiths Toronto can lockout residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties for you. (For a residential property lockout it is mandatory that the Sheriff attend to serve the required eviction papers.)

Moving into a new Condominium? Prior to arranging with us to Re-Key your lock(s), please ensure that your Condominium Corporation does not require that you retain their locksmith to provide this service for you.

We are available to do fast spousal property lockouts in our unmarked service vehicles.

A Perfect Pick Locksmiths Toronto provides a fast, professional locksmith service to Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Industrial & Institutional.

With proper identification we can open residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties you are currently locked out of.

Require Digital Surviellance? We carry the UCL Technologies Digital Surviellance Recorder (DSR) 2000 Small Business Edition (SBE). Click HERE to view specifications.

Looking for a comprehensive keyless access control system that can manage up to 3000 doors with up to 160,000 tagholders? Click HERE to view Impro's system specifications.

Changing office locations? Concerned for the safety of your office contents? We can help ease your concerns by re-keying the existing locks. While we're there we'll give you a rundown of the condition and security factor of each individual lock and the door it's fastened to.

Small and large business owners, A Perfect Pick Locksmiths Toronto provides storefront aluminum door service and can supply, install and service throw-up deadbolts, spring latches, mortise lock cylinders, pivots, door closers and other related aluminum door hardware.

Offering a professional locksmith service, A Perfect Pick Locksmiths Toronto, provides locksmithing services to Toronto and the GTA, available 24 hours a day for emergency calls.

Have you recently purchased a house? Are you concerned about the security of your new property? A Perfect Pick Locksmiths Toronto can help! Unless badly worn there is no need to replace the current locks since most can be re-keyed at far less cost than their replacement value.

Lost the keys to or locked yourself out of your vehicle? We can open or make keys for most domestic and foreign manufactured vehicles.


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